In 1996, Peter Raidt and Manfred Wenger had this crazy idea to jump off the 190 meters suspended bridge in Niouc! One of the highest in the world!

From then on, thousands of jumpers experienced this magnificent bungy jump at this crazy spot.

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In 1997 Peter Raidt and Didi Wenger open the first company together and started developing the bungy spot. The location was growing fast and they developed the first Giant Swing and the Zipline. In 1999 it grew so big that they organized the bungy world championship. In 2000 Peter decided to develop other activities. Trampoline and Adventure Parks in the US and bungy jumping in Costa Rica. Didi continued running the suspended bridge alone till 2011, he did several huge events like the GOA party in 2001.


In 2012, Eurobungy Swiss GmbH directed by Peter Raidt and based in Sierre, took over the management of the spot and Bungy Niouc was created. From then on, the site was fully transformed, renovated and secured. Bungy Niouc is a family where all potentials can be improved and developed.


1996 : THE 190 meters jumping platform was creating and the first bungy jumping was done.
1997 : Activity starts.
1998 : Creation of the giant swing, which started from the cliff, ropes attached to the bridge.
1998 : Installation of the zip line.
2012 : Installation of the current giant swing starting from the 190 meters platform. This configuration makes it possible to jump in tandem and to do all kinds of tricks!
2015 : The close collaboration in between Bungy Niouc and Pyrénaline ends up to the installation of the first Rope Jump in Niouc. Pyrénaline are pioneers in the field and outstanding technicians.
2016 : Final installation of the Rope Jump in Niouc available all season long. A European exclusivity!
2017 : Expedition to Zakinthos in Greece for the operation and installation of a 200 meters Rope Jump for 3 weeks.
2018 : Expedition to Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert for the exploitation and installation of a 180 meters Rope Jump for 2 weeks.


We are in close relationship with Slactivity and the Swiss Association of Highline. The biggest highline they set up in Niouc was 330 meters and more than 200 meters high! Thanks to that nice collaboration, the Highline Contest in 2019 and the Ninja Warrior (under the bridge) in 2020 were realised. That generated a lot of  buzz and  a lot of people participated and it was a great success! L’association des amis du pont, owners of the bridge, also have a good dynamic and are realizing nice projects for the spot like the future Via Ferrata and the organisation of the 100  years old party of the bridge in 2022.
To be continued…

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The Bungy Niouc Team

Our main goal is to share what we love with all the people they will pass by!

Bungy Niouc Team is composed of passionate people. We are constantly following the energy flow of this amazing spot.
We consider that jumping from a bridge is a unique and individual experience and every moment spend with a jumper is precious,
because everything is not only Adrenaline, it is a real life-time experience.