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to the Bungy Niouc Park in Niouc, Valais, Switzerland.

We offer a wide range of adventurous activities since 1997 that are designed to guarantee an adrenaline rush for the thrill seeker in you.

The 190 meter Bungee-Jump, the Giant-Swing, the Rope Jump or the Zipline are all once in a lifetime experiences.


The 2022 season is over!
We will see you again starting from April 1, 2023.
Have a nice winter everyone!!!


Our Activities

100% Pure Adrenaline

Bungy Jumping

We offer a 190 meters bungy jump at our location.
This jump is one of the highest jumps in the world!

Solo  & Tandem Giant Swing

Attached to a rope you jump of a bridge and swing.
An experience to do alone or share with someone.

Rope Jump

Rope Jump is a rope system that allows you to have a real 80 meters free fall experience similar to a BASE Jump.


It is fast and it is fun. You can cross the canyon parallel to the bridge sliding down a 300 meters long cable.

Niouc Suspended Bridge

200 meters long, 190 meters high, 50 centimeters wide. Crossing that 100 years old bridge is already a rush of emotions!

Le Perchoir

Nothing better than drink on our great panoramic deck to recover from your sensations or just hang out with your friends!