From 1997 until now

Eurobungy GmbH has been offering bungee jumping, solo and tandem pendulum jump, rope jump and zipline at the Niouc suspension bridge site since 1997.
The founder, Peter Raidt, is one of the pioneers in the field since he started his activity in 1992 in Europe and as well in Costa Rica.
Our management system has continued to develop since then to always remain at the top level in terms of security.

Building cords

Since 1992 we have been manufacturing our own bungy cords (TÜV standards since 1992).
We started building the BUNGY NIOUC PARK in 1996 and launched our first full season in 1997.
In 2016 we also started manufacturing bungy cords for different bungy jumping sites all over Europe.

Get in touch with us if you are looking for bungy cords.


In 2016, Eurobungy Swiss did the full service to the almost 100 years old bridge.
New anchors, new netting under the bridge and a new coat of paint.
It was looking brand new and is now fully secured.

Jumping into the unknown

Jumps from the Niouc suspension bridge do not constitute a dangerous activity if the instructions and recommendations are followed.
If you arrive safe and sound in Niouc know that the risks are behind you (unless you empty the bar!).
Jumping into the void is an unnatural activity, so our brain cannot digest this action and it causes this feeling of insecurity or risk taking.
But do not panic!
Our experienced jumpmasters will guide you step by step through your incredible experience.

Our Certifications

We are members of the Safety in Adventure Foundation (SIA) of which we have the label, as well as of the Swiss Outdoor Association (SOA) and we have obtained the ISO21101-ISO21102-ISO21103 standards for all our activities and our Jumpmasters.
Compliance with these requirements is checked each year by the various organizations in order to always stay on top.