Season Opening 2021


of the Season 2021

Gentlemen, Ladies, and to everybody highly motivated by adrenaline.
Get ready! The season starts April 3!

Do not miss this

Places are limited, there aren’t many left already … HURRY!!
You have to listen to yourself and DARE !!


Obviously, everything is done to comply with the regulations placed upon us regarding the  COVID Pandemic.

Come visit us


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from BungyNiouc

Adrenalindub Session #1

The Adrenalin Dub Session #1

OBF (CH-Geneva) powered by Good Bass Sound System (FR-Béarn), Friday 21/08/2020, 20:00 – 3:00

Friday 21/08/2020, 18:00

The sound system (@goodbasssoundsystem) is set, Rico from OBF visits the bridge, the volunteers are ready and the pressure is building … the right pressure, adrenaline!

Friday 21/08, 21:00

300 festival-goers, good sound, good food, good beer, the energy of the park, in short, the right mix that goes well and that we all love.

AdrenalinDub Session #1


Friday 21/08/2020, 23:59

It moves, it dances, it laughs, it is indeed a success, sheer madness !!

Saturday 22/08/2020, 03:00

But … is it already over ?? No worries, we understood that we had to start over quickly !!
So stay tuned, the next is for sure happening in 2021 😉.
We love you! 🙏

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the Adrenalin Dub Session #1