Rope Jump

Rope Jump is a B.A.S.E Jump simulator assisted by ropes. The free fall is 80 meters long and you can really feel the air on your entire body!

Rope Jump is a rope system that allows you to have a real free fall experience similar to a BASE Jump.

What are the differences with bungee jumping or swinging?

The similiarities are that for all our activities you jump into the void!


Bungee: you are are tied by the feet to a rubber band 100% latex, we go head down, we stay upside down and bounce more than a hundred meters.

In pendulum or giant swing, one can leave alone or two attached to ropes on the front of a specific harness.

The sensation is similar to a large 50-meter swing.

One can easily make such perilous figures before, back, foot to the moon ...


Regarding the Rope Jump, we are equipped with an integral harness designed for this practice.

The tension takes place at the dorsal level approaching the skydiving.

The Rope Jump is a way to feel the free fall as a jump from B.A.S.E Jump.

It also allows you to work on different exercises: static start, current start, control handle (extractor pull), back flow, track setting, aerials, tracksuit ...