Giant Swing- Europe’s highest swing

Our Giant Swing is not just any swing, ist the „ULTIMATE SWING“.

You are strapped in a special harness and attached to three dynamic ropes which will quide you in a giant 70 m large arc and swing you through the breathtaking scenery.

Open yourself up to an extraordinary experience in Niouc, located in the Val d'Anniviers (Valais-Switzerland) 

Eligibility :

Age: Between 16 and 70, Weight (Male): 45 kg to 115 kg , (Female): 45 kg to 85 kg. Minors must have a signed waiver and a copy of the identification from their legal Parent or Guardian. Ages 60 and up: mandatory medical certificate dated within the previous month stating non contraindication. Non contraindication for the bungy (see bellow list) and, in case of doubt, a medical certificate dated within the previous month stating non contraindication will be requested.


(This list is indicative and not limiting)

CARDIOVASCULAR: coronary or heart disorder - previous heart surgery. OSTEOARTICULAR & MUSCULAR: previous spinal surgery - disc herniation - cervicobrachial disorder - bone loss (osteoporosis, bone disease, ...) - hyperlaxity - previous hip dislocation - meniscal disorder - hip, knee, leg prosthesis, - rupture or operation of a cruciate knee ligament < 9 months or with complication - fractured clavicle, hip, rib or upper or lower limbs < 9 months or < 12 months if operated on or with complication - sprained upper or lower limb < 3 months or with complication - rupture or injury to Achilles tendon < 12 months or with complication - muscle strain or tear < 3 months or with complication - previous skull or vertebrae fracture - whiplash < 4 months or with complication. NEUROLOGICAL: epilepsy - previous cerebral intervention - alcoholism - taking toxins, drugs or psychotropic medication before the jump. EAR, NOSE & THROAT: balance disorders, central or peripheral (Ménière’s Disease...). CHEST & RESPIRATORY: previous pneumothorax. ABDOMINAL: abdominal hernias. OPHTHALMIC: surgery < 5 months - previous retinal detachment - myopia > 5 diopters. PREGNANCY: at any stage of the pregnancy - < 9 months following Caesarean delivery.