About Us

The Bungy Niouc Adventure Park offers a wide range of fun & entertainment in a beautiful typical swiss scenery. Surrounded by #5 4000m high Mountains, a view to all year long snow capped Peaks and all this with ~ # 320 sunny days per year average.

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Our Activities

These are just some things you can do at our location.

You will be surprised by the park.

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Bungy Jumping

We jump in Niouc since 1995. It is europe’s highest Bungy-Jump of a suspension bridge and if you...


Giant Swing

It’s not just a Swing, it is that “SWING”.. Pendulum or Sky Coaster.. whatever you call it.. you...


Zip Line

Well.. some call it Tyrolina, others Canopy or Flying Fox..and we call it “Tyrolienne” You  ride...

Our Events

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Come and leave your red mark on the bridge!

COME PAINT A DAY WITH US AND leave with A JUMP ! ( A Bungy Jumping Voucher will be offered as...